Austin 7 performance Tuning


A vehicle to enjoy on modern roads or modest competition

As many of you will know, Austin 7 engine tuning is a fine art. Reliability, power and torque can be extracted in equal measure, if done correctly. Our approach, which combines traditional machining with modern components now benefits road going vehicles and those with ambitions towards competitive motoring

Porting, oversize inlet valves and uprated pistons

These provide a modest but noticeable increase in road performance. We machine your block, open up the ports, supply quality valves and pistons., properly gap the rings and  re-assemble with skill and care.

Low and high compression heads

Much has been written on whether the early low compression head is only good for scrap but polishing and planing are worth the small investment. The late Ruby high compression nead is a well-known improvement and we occasionally have a few on the shelf.


Again the subject of much discussion and folklore. Even a modest increase in bhp places extra strain on the crank and rods . We offer crack testing on both crank and rods, particularly the main journals, conrod shank and small end. If this proves negative then we may source other used parts or give you the future-proof option of fitting a new crankshaft, even new rods. We can supply and fit  1 1/8 , 1 5/16 and 1 1/2 splash-fed cranks

Camshafts and tappets

A reground cam and tappet followers with more lift and dwell certainly provides a mild transformation in acceleration and hill climbing capabiliiies. We have teamed up with the best in the business and also provide those essential modifications to the bushes, tappet adjusters, guides and springs

Chassis modifications

New standard and lowered road springs,, bowed axles, well-adjusted or perhaps modified  brakes. upgraded shock absorbers and upgraded steering mechanisms are all available to make your driving experience safe and enjoyable