Austin 7 Engineering Services


Engineering is Key

With cars that have been out of production for decades, spares parts or solutions to keeping your car on the road, often require engineering services. Rebores, remetalling, crank grinding, surface grinding, broken stud removal, metal stitching and reassembly fitting by experienced engineers who have seen it all before, many times.

Austin 7 Engines & Gearboxes

With gentle solvent cleaning, soda blasting and aqua blasting (if you require it) of all parts including fuel pumps and carburettors, can make your powerplant look better than new. Of course it is the inside that really matters and if you can get the job done better for less cost then we would like to hear about it. 

Austin 7 Chassis and Axles

Shackle bushes, rear spring bushes, king pins and bushes, worn axle eyes, inoperable shock absorbers, steering track rod pins and bushes, drag ling ball joints and maladjusted steering boxes all receive our best attention and contribute to your safety and ensure that driving your car is a quality experience. Ask us about shock absorber updates for more predictable handling and ride comfort.

Austin 7 Braking System

Well, we could write a book on this. There are so many variants from the uncoupled Chummy system to the full Girling variant with actuating rods. We even have experience of hydraulics and will demonstrate on one of our own cars. We find that attention to detail on every lever, fulcrum point, expander, cable and drum certainly makes a big difference. At least we can make them more water and debris proof with new shrouds etc. If you are not too hooked on originality then we might be persuaded to fit the later pre Girling compensated system which with careful adjustment can provide adequate braking. However, whatever your brakes need can take up many hours of time, so let's be sure to agree a budget with you before we start.

Austin 7 Wheels

Nothing looks better and contributes more than a good solid set of wheels which may be achieved through shot blasing and powder coating or a full specialist re-build with new spokes and rims.

Austin 7 FAQs

Coming soon a section for your questions and answers. Please contact us using the form in our contact section with your questions. Without them we cannot come up with the best solutions.