Austin 7 Gearbox and clutch

Repair, Rebuild or Exchange - 3 and 4 speed

Whether you like them or loathe them, Austin 7 gear boxes can be much improved with a rebuild by an experienced professional.  Whether your gearbox is noisy, jumping out of gear, has clutch judder, lack of travel or tired synchromesh, Flying Sevens can help. Some reconditioned boxes are available off the shelf

The Austin 7 clutch

With minimal travel to play with, all aspects of the clutch assembly need specialist detailed attention. Re-lining, thrust race replacement, toggle lever setting. You'll be amazed what our engineers can achieve

Lightened Flywheels

Better pick up, slicker gear changes - a few pounds of this heavy piece of metal might be just the solution you need

Starter ring gear, uprated springs

Flywheels machined and new starter ring gear fitted. New or uprated springs can make a real difference.