Austin 7 Restoration Services

Austin 7 Bodywork

Austin Seven Ruby

Having built restored many original sevens, replicas and specials we work with a select group of tried and trusted partners in ash framing, metal fabrication, alloy panel work and painting.

Austin 7 Mechanics

Austin Seven Chassis

We have a wonderful fully equipped workshop in North Derbyshire and extensive engineering facilities in the Cotswolds. This enables us to tackle even the most demanding work.

Austin 7 Upholstery

Austin Seven Upholstery

Services of a time-served automotive upholsterer are available to our customers on an as-required basis.

Austin 7 Electrics

Austin 7 Wiring

From full re-wires to simple charging problems, we're able to help. Whilst originality is crucial for most customers, modern upgrades are frequently specified & incorporated.  

Workshop Facilities

Austin 7 Ulster

A fully equipped and secure workshop in the Derbyshire countryside, together with modern engineering facilities in the beautiful Cotswolds, affords our customer the best of both worlds. 

Why Us

Austin 7 Restoration

Experience, attention to detail, fair prices and a professional approach. In addition, Austin 7 car restoration and engineering are our sole focus. Nothing more, nothing less.